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Website Redesign CompanySpecialist in bespoke website redesign and web design projects. Expert at retaining your SEO rankings throughout redesign processes. Skilled at migrations from Weebly, WIX, Squarespace etc. Providers of website maintenance plans, WordPress Tech Support and hosting. Specialist SEO consultant since 1997.

Website Redesign Company Services

Here's a brief outline of the website design and development work I do for my clients.

WordPress Experts

Providing design, tech support and maintenance plans at affordable rates for small business.

Website Redesign

We re-imagine your old site, and transform it into a modern, fast and relevant business platform.


We build with latest responsive web design tools and standards for compatibility on all devices.

Affordable website redesign company services by a web designer with over two decades of experience. When you need reliability, dependability, and old-fashioned work ethics, you should contact me.

A website redesign must start with digital strategy to drive results.

WRC is an agency that loves the intersection of technology, design, marketing, content and digital strategy. Processes are data-driven and highly iterative to slice through the clutter that burdens many organization's websites.

A marketing foundation should be built on best-practices for clients: Iterative campaigns, websites, mobile apps, brand identity, analytics, and the correct technology for your required functionality. Doing that requires integration of (at least) 4 core elements to achieve the desired digital outcomes for our clients:

  1. Marketing / SEO
  2. Design
  3. Technology
  4. Digital strategy

There is no over-promising and under-delivering on my website redesign projects. I stand by what I do and will ever leave you high and dry. If anything breaks, I will be there to fix it asap. If you need additional features and functions, I will get that sorted for you too!

A Website Redesign Should deliver Demonstrable Results

I'd rather bea strategic partner for businesses — integrating marketing, design and technology to achieve your business objectives. Unlike most web design agencies, WRC is focused on metrics that tangibly grow your business, and we continuously measure to prove results.

The metrics we value include:

  1. Leads generated by each channel, campaign, and marketing effort for a time period
  2. Qualified leads generated for a time period
  3. Conversion rate for leads per specific channel, campaign, and marketing effort
  4. The value of leads over time

Website redesign services are required for many reasons, and we are specialists in web site redesigns. Basically, the relentless advance of web technology offers new ways of doing things. It also offers opportunities to do things that were not previously possible. A good example is "mobile responsive website design" which is now an important ranking factor in Google's assessment of your website. Sites that give mobile users a poor viewing experience will be penalised.

Page load speed is another important factor, due to the rise in the dramatic in the number of mobile devices used to view web pages

Discuss your Website Redesign Project with me

Contact me for a fast, free, no-obligation web design quote and/or a website audit. I will first analyse your current site and assess its technical and user experience shortcomings. I will identify opportities for improvement and provide indicative remedial costs.

Email: support@website-redesign-company.co

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Ben Kemp