Why pay for a DJ?

Why Pay For a DJ? (instead of using a jukebox or smart phone)

Mal new B&WThe music on your big night, or for any milestone event, is simply one area that you should never compromise or skimp on. You may have had well meaning relatives or friends offering to DJ or provide the music via a smart phone. This is not a good idea. The music at your event, especially your wedding, is the most important aspect of the night, apart from the actual ceremony.

With a smart phone or jukebox, you have no control over the music content, and this means that songs which are not appropriate for dancing or for a wedding will be played.

Relatives or friends sometimes make the offer to ‘help out’ with providing the music then, close to the date, change their minds when they realise the pressure it will place them under on a night they would rather just enjoy. Unless your friend/relative is a professional DJ don’t make this mistake. We often get calls, at the last moment, to provide a DJ due to these issues.

The music will make or break the success of the night. If guests don’t like the music, they will leave early.

How Much Should I Pay?

RickySmallThe old assumption that ‘you get what you pay for’ is very true in this business. If a DJ or DJ company is charging very low rates the chances are that they are inexperienced, have substandard equipment, and/or are not that reliable. Any good experienced DJ or company knows the going market rate and value for his/their services.

There are other factors that are more important than price:
Is the DJ experienced? Have you been provided with references to prove it? Do they ask for your input into the type of music you want? Do they offer you a contract clearly stating what you will get? Do they dress professionally for the occasion? Will they turn up on time?

You should not take a chance on your wedding day by hiring a potentially substandard DJ. On many occasions, we have been called on the wedding day/night by a distressed Bride or Groom to ask if we can provide one of our DJs, because the other DJ they booked has not turned up!

Always Check Previous Client Feedback and Experience

Cade new B&WIs the DJ able to provide documented feedback from previous clients? You should have some idea of his previous experience.

Does the venue that you are using, recommend the DJ company that you are considering? Venues do not like to recommend a DJ unless they are 100% trusting of that DJ or DJ company. This is because it reflects badly on the venue if they recommend someone and then things go wrong.
Will the DJ play music suitable for your guests, or will he just play what he personally likes? Any good DJ understands that he is there to provide suitable music for the occasion. He is not there to be a Club DJ trying to impress his own personal tastes upon you.You are not just hiring a DJ for his music, you are hiring him for his experience in knowing what songs work with different audiences.

Why Hire A Discotech DJ?

Joe B&W USE!If a DJ, or DJ company, is any good they will be able to advise you on the music that is appropriate for your occasion. After all, it is their business to know this.

You should not presume that you know what music is going to work for your guests (unless you have personally performed as a DJ!). A Discotech DJ is highly trained to read what the guests are needing at any given moment. Are they ready to rage? Is it a romantic moment? Do they need a rest? Is there a part of the group that is in need of a little extra attention? These are all the things you cannot determine before the event or with a set play list of songs.

Discotech has a proven track record of over 20 years as one of the elite mobile DJ companies in Auckland for all types of events.

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